Our History

Steven J. Cochlan, regarded as a pioneer in the design, implementation and financing of nonqualified executive benefit plans, founded The Cochlan Group, inc. in 1998 and serves as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Steve began his professional career as a certified public accountant with Price Waterhouse. Consistently seeking new challenges, Steve joined Clark/Bardes Inc., where he quickly emerged as one of its top producers, and a driving force in the development of innovative approaches to recruit, retain and reward executives, directors, and other key employees.

During 1989, Steve and three other business associates purchased Clark/Bardes, Inc. Steve’s enthusiasm, fueled by his desire to serve clients, helped the business grow rapidly and Steve’s ownership in Clark/Bardes eventually exceeded 20%. The company’s appetite for growth through acquisitions led to an initial public offering in 1998. About that time, it became evident that Steve’s business philosophy was different than the philosophy of Clark/Bardes Inc.’s new management team. Thus, Steve set out to build a consulting organization known not only for the quality of its services, but also for the personal knowledge and service of its clients by consultants with leading-edge systems and expertise.

The Cochlan Group, inc. has a dedicated team of high integrity consultants, with extensive experience in delivering nonqualified executive benefit services to companies of all sizes. All TCG team members are committed to Steve’s vision of delivering the best combination of expertise, customer service and plan administration in the marketplace.

TCG’s entire approach to meeting client goals hinges on their unique ability to design plans tailored to the needs of each company, deliver leading-edge benefit technologies and provide innovative ideas to help corporations attain strategic initiatives and achieve long-term successes.